Get Financial Services with Financial Asset Management Systems

Financial Asset Management Systems (FAMS) was founded in the year 1993 with its headquarters at Atlanta. In a week it works for six days from its call centers. The call centers are located at Georgia and Missouri. The performance of FAMS is of gold standard. The clients of FAMS come from different sectors like markets of telecommunication/media, Healthcare, Government, Financial services and Education. The FAMS focus on the following things to follow their strategy:

  • Dedicated service to clients,
  • Superior results,
  • Business relationship driven on performance and integrity based,
  • Long-term relationships


The FAMS is a private company backed on equity with its experienced team of management. For all its clients they have required investments for delivering top performance.

Professionals are experienced

The management team of FAMS is ethical, customer-oriented, experienced and strong. The team has superior resources which help them stayed result focused. Their first and foremost focus that FAMS has is on clients concerns. The professionals here are highly experienced and hold practical knowledge. The management team of FAMS tries their level best to protect the client’s interest. The professionals make sure that the clients are getting the right services. In order to achieve the desired results Financial Asset Management Systems focus on the guidelines and standard set by the industry organizations of collections and credit.

Help that Solution of Financial Management Does

  • Governance, Compliance, and Risk- There are few very important points that need to be taken care of while doing financial management. The things are related to policy non-compliance, process inefficiencies, risks and fraud. The three key points to control all these mishaps are Governance, compliance and risk.


  • Billing and Banking Solutions- at FAMS the professionals are trained and equipped with all the solutions related to billing and banking. The clients get expense account and they get more value.


  • Expense Management- This is a very difficult task to manage expenses. At FAMS the clients get the correct path to manage their expenses.


  • Financial Accounting- the FAMS works faster and closes the books of the clients on the right time. They maintain the confidentiality of their client’s financial data and information.


The FAMS has the instruments which it implements quickly to configure business needs of its clients. The clients at FAMS experience rapid payback along with quick results. The firm primarily focuses on debt collection which helps it to get close to its clients in a better way. The results that FAMS obtain are customer-specific which is most required at the time of asset recovery.

Rule of Four – What You Need to Know About Small Business Financing Credit Cards

Money is not everything. There are travelers’ checks, money orders, and credit cards. When you start your own business, there’s a way for you to obtain much-needed capital, too. This way is called small business financing credit card.

Small business financing credit card, also known as small business starter credit cards, is a great way to keep your personal and business finances separate.

Personal Credit Card Versus Small Business Financing Credit Card
In the past and even at present, lots of entrepreneurs rely on their personal credit to get their business up and running. The problem with this is that they carry the debt from their business into their personal credit cards. Ultimately, they end up hurting their personal credit scores.

This is where small business financing credit cards come in. They offer higher credit limit. Additionally, they keep business and personal expense separate, thereby making it painless to track tax deductions. More importantly, you may write off your small business financing credit card’s finance charges and annual fees.

Why Get a Small Business Financing Credit Card

1. Build Credit

A small business financing credit card is a good way to build a financial history. Your business is a start-up; it’s unknown. This makes it difficult for your business to obtain loans. A small business financing credit card will remedy this. It will provide banks with the spending footprints they need to reassure themselves you’re a responsible borrower.

2. Avoid Intermingling

When it comes to managing your expense, there’s one thing you should always do. Segregate, segregate, segregate. Do not mix business and personal transactions. This might later on create tax and money management problems.

3. Prevent Shoebox Accounting

It is always a nightmare to track business expenditures. With a small business financing credit card, however, you can turn the nightmare into one you can easily snap out of. Your credit card company will provide you with a year-end statement where you can find your transactions summarized, itemized, and categorized. With such a report available, there’s no need to keep a shoebox stacked with receipts.

4. Special Rewards

The credit card industry is so competitive providers fall over themselves to lure borrowers. Accordingly, a reward and discount program for small business credit card users was developed. Every time you use your small business financing credit card, you qualify for discounts and rewards, ranging from office supplies and plane tickets to phone services.

How to Manage Your Small Business Financing Credit Card Effectively

Credit cards, whether personal or corporate, will always be open to potential abuse. Effectively manage your small business financing credit card by:

1. Limiting card hopping

Sure, you qualify for multiple cards, but this does not mean you should sign up. You shouldn’t. This will only tempt you to overspend. It will hurt your credit rating, too.

2. Steering clear of cash advances

Never use this credit card feature unless you need to bail yourself out of jail. It comes with whooping credit card fees and interest costs.

3. Avoiding late payments

The more delinquent your payments are, the higher the fees and interest rates you would be saddled with. Moreover, late payments hurt your credit reputation.

4. Using grace

Many companies offer a 21-day grace period to clients before asking them to pay for purchases. Turn this to your advantage by drawing up a schedule of your purchases and payments.

Use your small business financing credit card prudently. Remember, credit cards should be a financial safety net, not a trap.

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