Getting A Good Deal on Car Insurance Quotes by Driving a Compact Car

The price of gas used to be really cheap. When gas was so inexpensive, people had huge cars that they could drive everywhere without having to spend a lot of money on filling up their tank. However, as time went on, gas went from being extremely cheap to incredibly expensive. When gas was cheap, people bought big cars that had huge gas tanks like SUV vehicles, but when gas started to get too high, people wanted to trade in those gas consuming cars for something that was more economical. In this day and age, gas is over $3.00 dollars a gallon, and those big cars are being traded in for small compact cars. Driving a small compact car can get cheaper till fill up and you can get car insurance quotes that are more affordable.

A Safer Kind of Car

A compact car is a lot safer to drive. If you are looking for cheap car insurance quotes, than it is time to go car shopping. A lot of major car manufacturers are coming up with ways to make cars more affordable, especially smaller cars that can go hundreds of miles before they need to be fueled again. Insurance companies do give special discounts for having a safe car, and there is nothing safer than a compact car.

Environmentally Friendly Car Discount

These days, new cars are not just pure gasoline anymore. There are many cars that are environmentally friendly. An example of a gas that is safe for the environment like hybrids cars, which are cars that run on both electricity and gas motors, and also electric cars that plug into a wall out let like any other appliance. Insurance companies understand that drivers these days are trying to be more aware of the environment, and are also trying to save money on the gas it takes to fill a car’s gas tank. You can get between 10 and 15 percent off your insurance policy because you chose to buy an eco-friendly car.

Paid In Full Discount

Many people do not like to make car payments, so they pay for their car in full whenever they buy a new car. Car insurance companies offer a special discount because you paid your car off completely in one lump sum. The insurance discount you can get for making your car off totally is five percent.

Discount for Being a Student

People go to college now when they are fully grown adults. If you go to school, then you can qualify for a small insurance discount. Believe it or not, an insurance company is going to base their discount on the grades you get. The better your school grades are, the bigger your insurance discount is going to be. You may also qualify for another discount if you have to travel at least 100 miles in order to attend an institute of higher education.

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