What can make you a hight risk driver in the insurers’ eyes

While it’s difficult to find affordable car insurance today, it is even harder to find cheap rates for the high-risk driver. There are several categories of high-risk drivers, which include teenagers, first-time drivers, and those who have poor driving records, have amassed citations, or those who have DWI’s on their record. However, there are several other instances that may put you into this category without you even being aware of it. Before you shop around for car insurance, you need to be aware if you are classified as a high-risk driver, why you might be classified as such, and how you can still find insurance online, after studying the quotes available that will give you ample coverage without emptying your wallet.

If you are a teenager, in your early twenties, or are a first-time driver, you will most likely be considered high risk. Insurance companies view young people or those who have just obtained their licenses as an insurance risk because they do not yet know the rules of the road. New drivers may break traffic laws out of ignorance and cause accidents for the same reason. Younger drivers, especially teenagers, are prone to speeding and reckless driving because they want to show off for their friends. Teenage drivers are also more apt to text while they are driving, which has caused a great deal of accidents and fatalities on the road. As a result, it is hard for these individuals to find cheap auto insurance quotes. Teenagers who drive brightly-colored cars, such as those that are red or yellow, are considered an even higher risk because cars like these are more easily noticed by police and are more likely to be pulled over for minor traffic violations.

Even if you do not fall into any of these categories, you still may find yourself unable to find affordable auto insurance quotes. This might mean that you are in another lesser-known high-risk category. While it’s common knowledge that younger drivers and those who have had a number of accidents pay higher premiums, what you may not know is that your credit score also directly affects your car insurance. When you pay your bills late or shirk your financial responsibilities, car insurance companies may view you as someone who is irresponsible. Before you go online to find a quote, you should check your credit rating to make sure that you won’t be seen as a bad risk. There are many sites online where you can check your credit rating for little or no cost.

Even if you are classified as a high-risk driver, there’s still a chance that you can find affordable auto insurance quotes. There are many sites online that help drivers get insurance, even if there are other companies that will not insure them or force them to pay premiums that they can’t afford. However, you should never sign up with the first company you find. Take some time and do a bit of comparison shopping, for example HERE so that you’re assured of getting the best deal.

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